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Tuesday, 15 December 2009 16:07


Hello, you have entered the right website if you are looking for people who will help you fight anti-English discrimination.

Our team, which includes professional lawyers, is dedicated to getting legal remedies and bringing court and tribunal cases against organisations and people who show their contempt for England, Englishness and/or the English by discriminating against us.

If you have experienced such treatment and would be interested in hearing what we can do for you, please email us to let us know the details of your case together with your full contact details.

We aim to recover the costs of your claim against the other side and will split any winnings with you equally. Your claim will be arranged so that there is no risk or expense to you and on as confidential a basis as possible.

So, if:

you have been discriminated against in your workplace or in a job application on the grounds of being English;

or you have been criticised for displaying the Cross of St George;

or for celebrating any aspect of English culture or festivals;

or your local council has annoyed you with a blatantly anti-English policy;

or you have seen an anti-English statement by a politician, or government body;

or you have simply seen an attack on English values;

please let us know, and we shall respond on a confidential and entirely free basis saying whether we think we can help.

Members of our team have already won thousands of pounds of compensation for the cancelled booking of conference facilities for an English organisation and for discriminatory employment practices. We have also forced a Government agency to abandon an anti-English discriminatory training scheme and, in another case, re-write their legal guidance. We have also obtained High Court endorsement of the protected legal status of English identity. So, if you think we might be able to help you, then please make contact and - Click here - describing the main features of the discrimination etc experienced by you personally. Without such information we shall not be able to respond to messages.






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